Effective Tips to Troubleshoot Outlook 2007 error 0x800ccc69

Outlook is the best application of Microsoft office used for the purpose of sending and receiving email.It store your mail, messages, contacts, journals, task, notes, appointments and other financial data.These all data are stored in a Pst file. But sometimes user encounter the problem related to corruption of Pst file and makes you unable to do the email operation.In such case,you may get different error messages.One among them is Outlook 2007 error 0x800ccc69.It occurs due to unavailability of internet connection.

A brief Description of the error

This is a very common error messages that occurs in Outlook 2007 which disrupts the email application.This error appears when the size of pst file becomes very large and you try to store more data into it.


Causes of Outlook 2007 error 0x800ccc69

  • Incorrect settings of SMTP
  • Incomplete configeration of anti-virus
  • Damage in Outlook Pst file
  • Presence of damaged emails
  • Virus infection

How to fix Outlook 2007 error 0x800ccc69

To fix this error you must check SMTP settings,another way is to reinstall the outlook Pst file.You have to remove corrupted email and configured it properly.If this process does not ensure the removal of this error then you can use third party Pst Repair Software that can effectively resolve this error problem in MS Outlook. It provides effective techniques and user friendly interface to remove this error. This Software Wins So many awards received by repair software.

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